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Types of web hosting most used

Basically we can say that there is free and paid web hosting. Now let’s talk about the types of hosting that we can find within these two.


Shared Accommodation


It is a server whose hard disk is divided into many folders, ie each folder is dedicated to each web page. Each of the webs hosted within this server share the CPU, the megas of RAM and the internet connection. Usually free web hosting is always of this type.


Advantages of shared hosting


That by sharing all the resources among all the webs hosted in it, can come out cheaper. There are companies that give away this accommodation in exchange for advertising.




That in the case that one of these pages consumes many resources to the CPU or consumes much bandwidth of the connection to Internet, the rest of the webs will suffer and work slower.


Hosting in Virtual Servers or VPS


Very similar to the previous case only here that the hard disk and RAM are distributed among all the web pages hosted on said server. Here the previous anomalies are minimized a little. These services are mostly payment, even their payment is not very expensive because the server’s expenses are distributed between the websites.

The performance in this type of accommodation is higher because there are fewer pages hosted on it.


Dedicated Servers


We are talking about a dedicated server just for you. There is no risk here that your neighbor consumes so much that it slows down your website. In this type of accommodation you will add the services you want.


What services do Dedicated Server companies offer?

The computer, installed in its premises.
Internet connection.
Suitable safety measures, etc.


Other tasks such as:


Install the operating system, control panels, firewall, antivirus, databases have to do the user. There are companies that give you the option to pay a little more per month and offer you everything already done, ready to upload your website. This service is usually called, dedicated server managed.


Cloud Servers


Basically in this type of Servers they charge you what your web consumes since if your page once has not been consuming resources then you will pay less. It is a solution for web sites with ups and downs of need of resources or to take away the fear of being short.


Housing or Colocation


You buy your own server, configure everything to your liking and send it to a company that installs it in its data center and connects it with its Internet connections. In this case you only pay for them to take care of you and make sure your connection and security.


Reseller Plans


This is not very common among the types of web hosting, but we can say that it is like a virtual or dedicated server in which you can not only create the accounts you want to host several websites, but you can also sell them to your customers. You should know that the technical service will be your responsibility.


Servers and web hosting more used


After having reached a conclusion we can say that the type of web hosting most used for its characteristics and its facilities is that of Dedicated Servers.

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