What it is and serving a vpn ?

What is a VPN and what is it?

What is a VPN

It is a networking technology that is used to connect one or more computers to a private network using the Internet. Companies often use it for their employees from their homes, hotels, etc., can access corporate resources that otherwise could not. However, connect the computer to an employee to corporate resources is only a function of a VPN.


That let you do VPNs

It allows you to create a secure connection to another network via the Internet. When you connect any device to this type of connection, this acts as if he were in the same VPN network and all data traffic is sent securely.


This means you can use the internet as if you were present in the region with VPN network, which is fine if you need access to content that is locked by region. For example, if you want to get a look at the catalog of an exclusive service of a particular country, you can do with this type of secure connection, because once you walk with blurred connection, the service will only see that you are connecting from that country, although in reality it is not.


How safe it is to work with a VPN?

It is a virtual private network as its name says, therefore all traffic passing through the network is secured and protected from unwanted eyes. This can be very useful when we connect to a Wi-Fi public network.


I can do with a VPN?

Access to a network while traveling. VPNs are often used for those traveling professionals who need to enter your network work while away. Using this method enables resources to stay safe because they are in the cloud.


Access to a network of home while traveling. It can also be used to enter the computer that we have left at home, as if we were using a LAN (Local Area Network).


Hide the navigation data. For example, if you are using a public Wi-Fi, those that are available without a password in restaurants and shopping, everything you visit that is not connected HTTPS will be visible to anyone who knows where to look. However if you have a VPN, not your connection rod; It will be anonymous.


Enter lock geographical sites. Usually region blocking problems usually ask you to be in the United States. This happens with Hulu, Pandora or Netflix catalog that is larger and more complete in this country. Sometimes it also happens in some YouTube videos.


Avoid Internet censorship. For those governments that decide to censor certain web sites, a connection of this type works very well to access them without problems.


Knowing all this can say that VPN troubleshooting.

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