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Viber an alternative if you want to stop using WhatsApp

In 2014, when the reporting application was acquired by the world’s largest interpersonal organization, ie Facebook, this “said it would remain as a different administration.” And now there are numerous clients who feel that the request is “mistreating their trust” to do what they have wanted to do with the telephone numbers of customers.


Despite the fact that the recognized WhatsApp is the apparatus of making a large number of customers to broadcast the world, it is by all that do not represent the only one in the business sector that offers the ability to impart to customers.

Options that protection will not impart your phone number to Facebook.




This application was established by the eminent Russian investor Pavel Durov, and to date has a large number of clients worldwide and is fully known in Latin America.


This is totally free and excludes any membership paid. As for the use of it, it is very similar to WhatsApp, despite the fact that it offers some fascinating additional elements and more design alternatives.


Despite this, it has not been promoting, that in the greatest certainty of numerous apprehensions now is that WhatsApp will soon be loaded with several ads.




Unlike its companion Telegram, the Viber allows voice and video calls, in addition to the celebrated.


In fact, that is one of his qualities today. Therefore, it is fascinating certainty that it allows customers (once purchased credit) to call compatible phones (as all comparable to Skype account). Thusly, it additionally allows you to set up gathering discussions around 100 clients and despite this, it offers the ability to modify all the talk of your address.




This use of Chinese birthplace, is now the pioneer in the Asian market and has something in that sense with more than 600 million customers from now dynamic.


This gives you the opportunity to talk, not calls’ve even video calls. In any case, apart from this, China can request a restorative provision, pay royalties or book a taxi through this application.


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