The new Samsung Galaxy s8 with new features

The Samsung Galaxy s8 coming

The Samsung Company wishes to spend leave the past behind. The failure of Note 7 taken off the market for anomalia in batteries that made devices exploded provovaba has forced Samsung to work hard. His effort and his desire to get out of this difficult time has led him to advance his new: the Samsung Galaxy S8.


It is expected that the new device comes in 2017. The goal is to recover the ground that has been lost in the last months of this year, and against Apple and its new iPhone 7. Who is in charge of recovering what has been lost Samsung’s Lee Kyeong-tae, vice president of the mobile division, who has already revealed some features that have the new Samsung Galaxy S8: a new much thinner design, improved cameras and artificial intelligence.


New Features Samsung Galaxy S8


Has revealed the manager without going into details, the device will have a very attractive design and improved camera, like a system of more advanced artificial intelligence.


Another feature mentioned the Galaxy S8 is to include a dual rear camera as its strongest rival the iPhone 7 Plus, a trend that frabricantes of these types of devices are opting to use more and more.


As for the new design of the Galaxy S8, it is likely that the start button no longer exists and that the company incorporates a fingerprint sensor on the screen, as they are also planning the Apple with the new iPhone 8, which also arrival for 2017 is expected.


The company Samsung can not afford to fail with its new terminal to be presented at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Drawbacks has happened with the Galxy Note 7 had consumed some of the profits from sales of Samsung: the end of the third quarter of its fiscal year, earned a net profit of 3,641 million euros, 16.8% less than the same period last year.


We can only hope that we will bring Samsung in its new terminal, as we have become accustomed to very good mobile.


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