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Configuring and install Linux ftp Server

Configuring Linux FTP Server


For our Linux has the possibility to be connected by FTP for file transfer, you need to install and set up an Linux FTP server


Installing the Linux FTP Server


To settle an FTP server on Linux normally does not need any additional software because the FTP server usually comes with the system. For the examples we cite below we used the FTP server that comes with Red Hat 9.0


To begin we will have to settle the package containing the FTP server in this case is called Vsftpd 1.1.3-8, for which we will execute the following statement:

rpm -ivh vsftpd 1.1.3-8




Once installed start to configure it to our liking. We begin with the list of users who can access the FTP server:

To set this parameter vsftpd.user.list need to open the file located in / etc /. This file will see a list of users who have access.


But really the most important server configuration file is the vsftpd.conf containing all configuration parameters, among other things, the location of the shared files. Within this file are the following parameters, which can change depending on the use we want to give you.




With this parameter you enable or disable the anonymous user.
Anonymous.allow = brings (anonymous user enabled)
Anonymous.allow = false (disabled anonymous user)




It indicates whether a folder is writable or not. In other words it indicates if a folder they can upload files or not.
Write_enable = bring (if you have permission)
Write_enable = false (no write permission)




It lets put a welcome message to users when they connect
ftpd_banner = message



Allows or not to local users access to the machine
chroot_local_user = brings
chroot_local_user = false


To tell the FTP server faith that users have permission to access we have to take the path of the file previously discussed where the user list (vsftpd.user_list) was


To do this in the configuration file would put something like this:
Chroot_list_file = / etc / vsftpd.user_list


Basically with these commands you can configure your FTP server on Linux without any problem.

Start and stop the FTP server

And we can only start the server for which we use the following commands.

To start the service: / sbin / service vsftpd Stara

To stop the service: / sbin / service vsftpd stop

To restart the service: / sbin / service vsftpd restart

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