What is a data center

What is a Data Center

A Data Center is an employee facility to house an information system associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems which typically include redundant power supplies or backup of a typical project data center offering space hardware in a controlled environment, such as renovating the space with air conditioning, fire-lit different safety devices to allow teams to have the best level of performance with maximum system availability.


Offers various levels of resistance, in the form of power sources Backup and additional communication connections, which can not be used until it passes a problem with the primary system where the main objective of a proposed is run core business applications and store operational data, which offers the most traditional applications is the system of corporate software such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


What are the most common components in a data center Standards?


The most common components are firewalls, VPN gateways, routers and computers, database servers, application files, web and middleware, all physical hardware or virtual hoisted consolidated and platforms.


Data Center Design


It is good to consider several points when designing such as: Location, infrastructure cabling and should not miss the skills that every professional should have when applying the design.


Data center security


We can not forget the safety and protection servers in the.


Colocation data center


This refers to the option that companies have to rent space for the use of servers and PC hardware environment.


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