How to use cortana

Have you ever wondered how it works Cortana

Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant developed by Microsoft, which can be used in various devices. He began it to be available on Windows Phone 8.1, then the Microsoft Band, later in Windows 10 (on all devices including the same operating system) and the Xbox One is also available as a stand-alone program on iOS and Android. The name derives from the eponymous character in the Halo series, an exclusive franchise on PC and Xbox video games.


Cortana recognizes natural language (without using specific commands) and uses Bing, Yelp and Foursquare as databases. In Windows Phone 8.1 replaces the integrated Bing search and is activated by pressing the search button. In a similar function “OK Google” Android way, Cortana can be activated with the “Hey Cortana” command in the Microsoft products except for Lumia devices without update Lumia Denim or having a lower processor to the 80x series of Snapdragon.


It differs from Google Now and Siri is the first virtual assistant that includes a “notepad” where Cortana keeps all the information it has on the user, their interests, routines, and so on. Thus the information that the system has the user is easily controllable and can erase all traces or purposely enter your tastes and others to improve service. It is also the first wizard that allows developers to integrate with it, allowing use their applications by voice.

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